How to keep blood donation safe

It is very important for a person that receives a blood transfusion that the blood is not contaminated. For this reason every time you donate blood, your blood will be tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, C, HTLV and Syphilis.
If your blood is infected by any of the above mentioned diseases, you will be called for an appointment in order to be informed personally.
You blood will NOT be used if it is infected by one of the above mentioned diseases.

Reasons NOT to give blood

  • If you are HIV seropositive;
  • If you have AIDS;
  • If you used to inject or still are injecting drugs;
  • If your partner used to inject or still is injecting drugs;
  • If your partner has AIDS;
  • If you are a carrier of Hepatitis B or C;
  • If you are or have been infected with syphilis

General information

  • Do not use the services of the blood bank to do an HIV test.
  • To do an HIV test you need to visit you house doctor.
  • All supplies that are used for the blood donation are disposable
  • After the screening, you are requested to sign the questionnaire as proof that you have read the content of this folder.